12 CFR § 1200.3 - Official logo and seal.

§ 1200.3 Official logo and seal.

This section describes and displays the logo adopted by the Director as the official symbol representing FHFA. It is displayed on correspondence, selected documents, and signage. The logo serves as the official seal to certify and authenticate official documents of the agency.

(a)Description. The logo is a disc consisting of three polygons each drawn in a manner resembling a silhouette of a pitched roof house and with distinctive eaves under its roof. Each polygon is placed one in front of the other, two of which are diminished in size from the polygon behind it. Placed in the center of the smallest polygon is the acronym for the organization, “FHFA.” The polygons are encircled by a designation scroll having a solid background and containing the words “FEDERAL HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY” in capital letters with serifs, with two mullets on the extreme left and right of the scroll. Upon approval by the Director, FHFA may employ variations of the color or shading of its logo and seal for specified purposes; these will be available for reference on the agency Web site at www.fhfa.gov.

(b)Display.FHFA's official logo and seal appears below:

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