12 CFR § 1277.29 - Amendments to a Bank's capital plan.

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§ 1277.29 Amendments to a Bank's capital plan.

(a) In general. A Bank's board of directors shall approve any amendments to the Bank's capital plan and submit such amendment to the Director for approval. No such amendment may take effect until it has been approved by the Director.

(b) Submission of amendments for approval. Any request for approval of capital plan amendments should be submitted to the Deputy Director for the Division of Federal Home Loan Bank Regulation and should include the following:

(1) The name of the Bank making the request and the name, title, and contact information of the official filing the request;

(2) The name, title and contact information of the staff member(s) whom FHFA may contact for additional information;

(3) A certification by an executive officer of the Bank with knowledge of the facts that the representations made in the request are accurate and complete. The following form of certification may be used: “I hereby certify that the statements contained in the submission are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. [Name and Title]”;

(4) A written, narrative description of the proposed amendments to the Bank's capital plan and a discussion of the Bank's reasons for the proposed changes;

(5) The amended capital plan as approved by the Bank's board of directors;

(6) A version of the Bank's capital plan showing all proposed changes to its previously approved capital plan;

(7) Resolutions of the Bank's board of directors:

(i) Approving the proposed capital plan amendments; and

(ii) Authorizing the filing of the application for approval of the amendments and concurring in substance with the supporting documentation provided;

(8) An opinion of counsel demonstrating that the proposed amendments comply with the Bank Act, FHFA regulations and any other applicable law or regulation. If the amendments would be identical in substance to provisions approved for other Banks' capital plans, a Bank's legal analysis may reference the other capital plans that contain the provisions in question;

(9) An analysis of the effect of the proposed amendments, if any, on the Bank's capital levels and the Bank's ability to meet its regulatory capital requirements;

(10) Pro forma financial statements from the end of the quarter immediately prior to the date of submission of the request for approval through at least the end of the next two years, showing the impact of the proposed changes, if any, on capital levels; and

(11) A discussion of and an explanation for changes to the Bank's strategic plan, if any, which may be related to the capital plan amendments.

(c) FHFA consideration of the amendment. The Director may approve any amendment to a Bank's capital plan as submitted or may condition approval on the Bank's compliance with certain stated conditions.