12 CFR § 1408.42 - Responsibility of the Corporation as the paying agency.

§ 1408.42 Responsibility of the Corporation as the paying agency.

(a) When the Corporation receives a claim certification from a creditor agency, deductions should be scheduled to begin at the next officially established pay interval. The Corporation shall send the debtor written notice which provides:

(1) That the Corporation has received a valid claim certification from the creditor agency;

(2) The date on which salary offset will begin;

(3) The amount of the debt; and

(4) The amount of such deductions.

(b) If, after the creditor agency has submitted the claim certification to the Corporation, the employee transfers to a different agency before the debt is collected in full, the Corporation must certify the total amount collected on the debt. The Corporation shall send a copy of this certification to the creditor agency and a copy to the employee. If the Corporation is aware that the employee is entitled to payments from the Civil Service Retirement Fund and Disability Fund, or other similar payments, it shall provide written notification to the agency responsible for making such payments that the debtor owes a debt (including the amount).