12 CFR § 160.32 - Pass-through investments.

§ 160.32 Pass-through investments.

(a) A Federal savings association (“you”) may make pass-through investments. A pass-through investment occurs when you invest in an entity (“company”) that engages only in activities that you may conduct directly and the investment meets the requirements of this section. If an investment is authorized under both this section and some other provision of law, you may designate under which authority or authorities the investment is made. When making a pass-through investment, you must comply with all the statutes and regulations that would apply if you were engaging in the activity directly. For example, your proportionate share of the company's assets will be aggregated with the assets you hold directly in calculating investment limits (e.g., no more than 400% of total capital may be invested in nonresidential real property loans).

(b) Your pass-through investments are subject to the requirements and filing procedures of 12 CFR 5.58.

[76 FR 49030, Aug. 9, 2011, as amended at 80 FR 28480, May 18, 2015]