12 CFR § 1806.405 - Applications for BEA Program Awards.

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§ 1806.405 Applications for BEA Program Awards.

(a) Notice of funding availability; applications. Applicants must submit applications for BEA Program Awards in accordance with this section and the applicable NOFA. An Applicant's application must demonstrate a realistic course of action to ensure that it will meet the requirements described in subpart D of this part within the period set forth in the applicable NOFA. Detailed application content requirements are found in the related application and applicable NOFA. The CDFI Fund will not disburse an award to an Applicant before it meets the eligibility requirements described in the applicable NOFA. The CDFI Fund shall require an Applicant to meet any additional eligibility requirements that the CDFI Fund deems appropriate. After receipt of an application, the CDFI Fund may request clarifying or technical information related to materials submitted as part of such application and/or to verify that Qualified Activities were carried out in the manner prescribed in this part. The CDFI Fund, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether an applicant fulfills the requirements set for forth in this part and the applicable NOFA.

(b) Application contents. An application for a BEA Program Award must contain:

(1) A completed electronic application module that reports the increases in Qualified Activities actually carried out during the Assessment Period as compared to those carried out during the Baseline Period. If an Applicant has merged with another institution during the Assessment Period, it must determine the Baseline Period amounts and Assessment Period amounts of the Qualified Activities of the merged institutions, and report the increase;

(2) An electronic application module which includes transactions to be considered for award calculation purposes. The transactions will include Qualified Activities that were closed during the Assessment Period. Applicants shall describe the original amount, census tract served (if applicable), dates of execution, initial disbursement, and final disbursement of the instrument for each transaction;

(3) Documentation of Qualified Activities that meets the required thresholds and conditions described in § 1806.402(f) and the applicable NOFA;

(4) Information necessary for the CDFI Fund to complete its environmental review requirements pursuant to part 1815 of this chapter;

(5) Certifications, as described in the applicable NOFA and BEA Program Award application, that the information provided to the CDFI Fund is true and accurate and that the Applicant will comply with all relevant provisions of this chapter and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, policies, guidelines, and requirements;

(6) In the case of an Applicant that engaged in Service Activities, or Distressed Community Financing Activities, the Applicant must confirm, by submitting documentation as described in the applicable NOFA and BEA Program application, the Service Activities or Distressed Community Financing Activities were provided to:

(i) Eligible Residents; or

(ii) A business located in a Distressed Community.

(7) Information that indicates that each CDFI to which an Applicant has provided CDFI Support Activities is Integrally Involved in a Distressed Community, as described in the applicable NOFA and BEA Program application; and

(8) Any other information requested by the CDFI Fund, or specified by the CDFI Fund in the applicable NOFA or the BEA Program application, in order to document or otherwise assess the validity of information provided by the Applicant to the CDFI Fund.

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