12 CFR § 1806.503 - Books of account, records, and government access.

§ 1806.503 Books of account, records, and government access.

(a) A Recipient shall submit such financial and activity reports, records, statements, and documents at such times, in such forms, and accompanied by such supporting data, as required by the CDFI Fund and the U.S. Department of the Treasury to ensure compliance with the requirements of this part. The United States Government, including the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Comptroller General, and its duly authorized representatives, shall have full and free access to the Recipient's offices and facilities, and all books, documents, records, and financial statements relevant to the award of the Federal funds and may copy such documents as they deem appropriate.

(b) The Award Agreement provides that the provisions of the Act, this part, and the Award Agreement are enforceable under 12 U.S.C. 1818 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act by the Appropriate Federal Banking Agency, as applicable, and that any violation of such provisions shall be treated as a violation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Nothing in this paragraph (b) precludes the CDFI Fund from directly enforcing the Award Agreement as provided for under the terms of the Act.

(c) The CDFI Fund will notify the Appropriate Federal Banking Agency before imposing any sanctions on a Recipient that is examined by or subject to the reporting requirements of that agency. The CDFI Fund will not impose a sanction described in § 1806.500(b) if the Appropriate Federal Banking Agency, in writing, not later than 30 calendar days after receiving notice from the CDFI Fund:

(1) Objects to the proposed sanction;

(2) Determines that the sanction would:

(i) Have a material adverse effect on the safety and soundness of the Recipient; or

(ii) Impede or interfere with an enforcement action against that Recipient by the Appropriate Federal Banking Agency;

(3) Proposes a comparable alternative action; and

(4) Specifically explains:

(i) The basis for the determination under paragraph (c)(2) of this section and, if appropriate, provides documentation to support the determination; and

(ii) How the alternative action suggested pursuant to paragraph (c)(3) of this section would be as effective as the sanction proposed by the CDFI Fund in securing compliance and deterring future noncompliance.

(d) Prior to imposing any sanctions pursuant to this section or an Award Agreement, the CDFI Fund shall, to the maximum extent practicable, provide the Recipient with written notice of the proposed sanction and an opportunity to comment. Nothing in this section, however, shall provide a Recipient to any formal or informal hearing or comparable proceeding not otherwise required by law.

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