12 CFR § 1815.114 - Fund decisionmaking procedures.

§ 1815.114 Fund decisionmaking procedures.

To ensure that at major decisionmaking points all relevant environmental concerns are considered by the Decisionmaker, the following procedures are established:

(a) An environmental document, i.e., the EIS, environmental assessment, finding of no significant impact, or notice of intent, in addition to being prepared at the earliest point in the decisionmaking process, shall accompany the relevant proposal or action through the Fund's decisionmaking process to ensure adequate consideration of environmental factors;

(b) The Decisionmaker shall consider in its decisionmaking process only those alternatives discussed in the relevant environmental documents. Also, where an EIS has been prepared, the decisionmaker shall consider all comments received during any comment process and all alternatives described in the EIS. A written record of the consideration of alternatives during the decisionmaking process shall be maintained; and

(c) Any environmental document prepared for a proposal or action shall be made part of the record of any formal rulemaking by the Fund.