12 CFR § 225.25 - Hearings, alteration of activities, and other matters.

§ 225.25 Hearings, alteration of activities, and other matters.

(a) Hearings -

(1) Procedure to request hearing. Any request for a hearing on a notice under this subpart shall comply with the provisions of 12 CFR 262.3(e).

(2) Determination to hold hearing. The Board may order a formal or informal hearing or other proceeding on a notice as provided in 12 CFR 262.3(i)(2). The Board shall order a hearing only if there are disputed issues of material fact that cannot be resolved in some other manner.

(3) Extension of period for hearing. The Board may extend the time for action on any notice for such time as is reasonably necessary to conduct a hearing and evaluate the hearing record. Such extension shall not exceed 91 calendar days after the date of submission to the Board of the complete record on the notice. The procedures for computation of the 91-day rule as set forth in § 225.16(f) apply to notices under this subpart that involve hearings.

(b) Approval through failure to act.

(1) Except as provided in paragraph (a) of this section or § 225.24(d)(5), a notice under this subpart shall be deemed to be approved at the conclusion of the period that begins on the date the complete notice is received by the Reserve Bank or the Board and that ends 60 calendar days plus any applicable extension and tolling period thereafter.

(2) Complete notice. For purposes of paragraph (b)(1) of this section, a notice shall be deemed complete at such time as it contains all information required by this subpart and all other information requested by the Board or the Reserve Bank.

(c) Notice to expand or alter nonbanking activities -

(1) De novo expansion. A notice under this subpart is required to open a new office or to form a subsidiary to engage in, or to relocate an existing office engaged in, a nonbanking activity that the Board has previously approved for the bank holding company under this regulation, only if:

(i) The Board's prior approval was limited geographically;

(ii) The activity is to be conducted in a country outside of the United States and the bank holding company has not previously received prior Board approval under this regulation to engage in the activity in that country; or

(iii) The Board or appropriate Reserve Bank has notified the company that a notice under this subpart is required.

(2) Activities outside United States. With respect to activities to be engaged in outside the United States that require approval under this subpart, the procedures of this section apply only to activities to be engaged in directly by a bank holding company that is not a qualifying foreign banking organization, or by a nonbank subsidiary of a bank holding company approved under this subpart. Regulation K (12 CFR part 211) governs other international operations of bank holding companies.

(3) Alteration of nonbanking activity. Unless otherwise permitted by the Board, a notice under this subpart is required to alter a nonbanking activity in any material respect from that considered by the Board in acting on the application or notice to engage in the activity.

(d) Emergency savings association acquisitions. In the case of a notice to acquire a savings association, the Board may modify or dispense with the public notice and hearing requirements of this subpart if the Board finds that an emergency exists that requires the Board to act immediately and the primary federal regulator of the institution concurs.

[Reg. Y, 62 FR 9333, Feb. 28, 1997, as amended by Reg. Y, 62 FR 60640, Nov. 12, 1997]

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