12 CFR § 271.3 - Published information.

§ 271.3 Published information.

(a)Federal Register. The Committee publishes in the Federal Register, in addition to this part:

(1) A description of its organization;

(2) Statements of the general course and method by which its functions are channeled and determined;

(3) Rules of procedure;

(4) Substantive rules of general applicability, and statements of general policy and interpretations of general applicability formulated and adopted by the Committee;

(5) Every amendment, revision, or repeal of the foregoing; and

(6) General notices of proposed rulemaking.

(b)Annual Report to Congress. Each annual report made to Congress by the Board includes a complete record of the actions taken by the Committee during the preceding year upon all matters of policy relating to open market operations, showing the reasons underlying the actions, and the votes taken.

(c)Other published information. Other information relating to the Committee, including its open market operations, is made publicly available on the Web sites of the Board and the Federal Reserve Banks.

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