12 CFR § 309.4 - Publicly available records.

§ 309.4 Publicly available records.

(a) Records available on the FDIC's World Wide Web page—(1) Discretionary release of documents. The FDIC encourages the public to explore the wealth of resources available on the FDIC's World Wide Web page, located at: http://www.fdic.gov. The FDIC has elected to publish a broad range of materials on its World Wide Web page, including consumer guides; financial and statistical information of interest to the banking industry; and information concerning the FDIC's responsibilities and structure.

(2) Documents required to be made available for inspection in an electronic format.

(i) The following types of documents created on or after November 1, 1996, and required to be made available for inspection in an electronic format, may be found on the FDIC's World Wide Web page located at: http://www.fdic.gov:

(A) Final opinions, including concurring and dissenting opinions, as well as final orders and written agreements, made in the adjudication of cases;

(B) Statements of policy and interpretations adopted by the Board of Directors that are not published in the Federal Register;

(C) Administrative staff manuals and instructions to staff that affect the public;

(D) Copies of all records released to any person under § 309.5:

(1) That, because of the nature of their subject matter, the FDIC determines have become or are likely to become the subject of subsequent requests for substantially the same records; or

(2) That have been requested 3 or more times; and

(E) A general index of the records referred to in paragraph (a)(2)(i)(D) of this section.

(ii) To the extent permitted by law, the FDIC may delete identifying details when it makes available or publishes a final opinion, final order, statement of policy, interpretation or staff manual or instruction. If redaction is necessary, the FDIC will, to the extent technically feasible, indicate the amount of material deleted at the place in the record where such deletion is made unless that indication in and of itself will jeopardize the purpose for the redaction.

(b) Public Information Center. The FDIC maintains a Public Information Center or “PIC” that contains Corporate records that the Freedom of Information Act requires be made available for regular inspection and copying, as well as any records or information the FDIC, in its discretion, has regularly made available, to the public. The PIC has extensive materials of interest to the public, including many Reports, Summaries and Manuals used or published by the Corporation that are made available, by appointment, for inspection and copying. The PIC is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excepting Federal holidays. It is located at 3501 North Fairfax Drive, Room E–1005, Arlington, VA 22226. The PIC may be reached during business hours by calling 1(877) 275–3342 or 1-(703) 562–2200.

(c) Applicable fees.

(i) If applicable, fees for furnishing records under this section are as set forth in § 309.5(f) except that all categories of requesters shall be charged duplication costs.

(ii) Information on the FDIC's World Wide Web page is available to the public without charge. If, however, information available on the FDIC's World Wide Web page is provided pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request processed under § 309.5, then fees apply and will be assessed pursuant to § 309.5(f).

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