12 CFR § 329.10 - Liquidity coverage ratio.

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§ 329.10 Liquidity coverage ratio.

(a) Minimum liquidity coverage ratio requirement. Subject to the transition provisions in subpart F of this part, an FDIC-supervised institution must calculate and maintain a liquidity coverage ratio that is equal to or greater than 1.0 on each business day in accordance with this part. An FDIC-supervised institution must calculate its liquidity coverage ratio as of the same time on each calculation date (the elected calculation time). The FDIC-supervised institution must select this time by written notice to the FDIC prior to December 31, 2019. The FDIC-supervised institution may not thereafter change its elected calculation time without prior written approval from the FDIC.

(b) Calculation of the liquidity coverage ratio. A FDIC-supervised institution's liquidity coverage ratio equals:

(1) The FDIC-supervised institution's HQLA amount as of the calculation date, calculated under subpart C of this part; divided by

(2) The FDIC-supervised institution's total net cash outflow amount as of the calculation date, calculated under subpart D of this part.

[79 FR 61523, Oct. 10, 2014, as amended at 84 FR 59282, Nov. 1, 2019]