12 CFR § 34.83 - Disposition of OREO.

§ 34.83 Disposition of OREO.

(a) Disposition. A national bank or Federal savings association may dispose of OREO in the following ways:

(1) With respect to OREO in general:

(i) By entering into a transaction that is a sale under generally accepted accounting principles;

(ii) By entering into a transaction that involves a loan guaranteed or insured by the United States government or by an agency of the United States government or a loan eligible for purchase by a Federally-sponsored instrumentality that purchases loans; or

(iii) By selling the property pursuant to a land contract or a contract for deed;

(2) With respect to DPC real estate, by retaining the property for its own use as bank premises or by transferring it to a subsidiary or affiliate for use in the business of the subsidiary or affiliate;

(3) With respect to a lease:

(i) By obtaining an assignment or a coterminous sublease. If a national bank or Federal savings association enters into a sublease that is not coterminous, the period during which the master lease must be divested will be suspended for the duration of the sublease, and will begin running again upon termination of the sublease. A national bank or Federal savings association holding a lease as OREO may enter into an extension of the lease that would exceed the holding period referred to in § 34.82 if the extension meets the following criteria:

(A) The extension is necessary in order to sublease the master lease;

(B) The national bank or Federal savings association, prior to entering into the extension, has a firm commitment from a prospective subtenant to sublease the property; and

(C) The term of the extension is reasonable and does not materially exceed the term of the sublease;

(ii) Should the OCC determine that a national bank or Federal savings association has entered into a lease, extension of a lease, or a sublease for the purpose of real estate speculation, the OCC will take appropriate measures to address the violation, which may include requiring the bank or savings association to take immediate steps to divest the lease or sublease; and

(4) With respect to a transaction that does not qualify as a disposition under paragraphs (a)(1) through (3) of this section, by receiving or accumulating from the purchaser an amount in a down payment, principal and interest payments, and private mortgage insurance totalling at least 10 percent of the sales price, as measured in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; or

(5) By any other method approved by the OCC.

(b) Additional method for Federal savings associations. A Federal savings association also may transfer OREO to a service corporation. A service corporation may hold real property transferred to it:

(1) As OREO, subject to the requirements otherwise applicable to the Federal savings association under this subpart E; or

(2) As an investment in real estate under § 5.59.

(c) Disposition efforts and documentation. A national bank or Federal savings association shall make diligent and ongoing efforts to dispose of each parcel of OREO, and shall maintain documentation adequate to reflect those efforts.

[61 FR 11301, Mar. 20, 1996, as amended at 84 FR 56375, Oct. 22, 2019; 85 FR 43422, July 17, 2020]

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