12 CFR § 347.116 - Recordkeeping and supervision of foreign activities of insured state nonmember banks.

§ 347.116 Recordkeeping and supervision of foreign activities of insured state nonmember banks.

(a) Records, controls and reports. A bank with any foreign branch, any investment in a foreign organization of 20 percent or more of the organization's voting equity interests, or control of a foreign organization must maintain a system of records, controls and reports that, at minimum, provide for the following:

(1) Risk assets. To permit assessment of exposure to loss, information furnished or available to the main office should be sufficient to permit periodic and systematic appraisals of the quality of risk assets, including loans and other extensions of credit. Coverage should extend to a substantial proportion of the risk assets in the branch or foreign organization, and include the status of all large credit lines and of credits to customers also borrowing from other offices or affiliates of the bank. Appropriate information on risk assets may include:

(i) A recent financial statement of the borrower or obligee and current information on the borrower's or obligee's financial condition;

(ii) Terms, conditions, and collateral;

(iii) Data on any guarantors;

(iv) Payment history; and

(v) Status of corrective measures employed.

(2) Liquidity. To enable assessment of local management's ability to meet its obligations from available resources, reports should identify the general sources and character of the deposits, borrowing, and other funding sources employed in the branch or foreign organization with special reference to their terms and volatility. Information should be available on sources of liquidity—cash, balances with banks, marketable securities, and repayment flows—such as will reveal their accessibility in time and any risk elements involved.

(3) Contingencies. Data on the volume and nature of contingent items such as loan commitments and guarantees or their equivalents that permit analysis of potential risk exposure and liquidity requirements.

(4) Controls. Reports on the internal and external audits of the branch or foreign organization in sufficient detail to permit determination of conformance to auditing guidelines. Appropriate audit reports may include coverage of:

(i) Verification and identification of entries on financial statements;

(ii) Income and expense accounts, including descriptions of significant chargeoffs and recoveries;

(iii) Operations and dual-control procedures and other internal controls;

(iv) Conformance to head office guidelines on loans, deposits, foreign exchange activities, accounting procedures in compliance with applicable accounting standards, and discretionary authority of local management;

(v) Compliance with local laws and regulations; and

(vi) Compliance with applicable U.S. laws and regulations.

(b) Availability of information to examiners; reports.

(1) Information about foreign branches or foreign organizations must be made available to the FDIC by the bank for examination and other supervisory purposes.

(2) The FDIC may from time to time require a bank to make and submit such reports and information as may be necessary to implement and enforce the provisions of this subpart, and the bank shall submit an annual report of condition for each foreign branch pursuant to instructions provided by the FDIC.