12 CFR § 352.2 - Application.

§ 352.2 Application.

(a) This part applies to all programs, activities, and electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, used or conducted by the FDIC. The following programs and activities involve the direct provision of benefits and services to, or participation by, members of the public:

(1) Attending Board of Directors meetings open to the public and all other public meetings;

(2) Making inquiries or filing complaints at the FDIC Office of Legislative Affairs and Office of Public Affairs;

(3) Using the FDIC library in Washington, DC;

(4) Using the FDIC Web site on the Internet;

(5) Visiting an insured bank at which they conducted business (or an alternative liquidation site selected by the FDIC) and which has become insolvent, or been purchased by another bank under FDIC supervision, for the purpose of:

(i) Collecting FDIC checks for the insured amount of their deposits previously held in such bank; and/or

(ii) Discussing with FDIC representatives matters related to the repayment of debts which they previously owed to such bank, prior to its failure or purchase by another bank under FDIC supervision;

(6) Seeking employment with the FDIC;

(b) This regulation governs the conduct of FDIC personnel in their interaction with employees of insured banks and employees of other state or federal agencies while discharging the FDIC's statutory obligations as insurer and/or receiver of financial institutions. It does not apply to financial institutions insured by the FDIC.

(c) Although application for employment and employment with the FDIC are programs and activities of the FDIC for purposes of this regulation, they shall be governed only by the standards set forth in § 352.6 of this part.