12 CFR § 4.36 - Disclosure of non-public OCC information.

§ 4.36 Disclosure of non-public OCC information.

(a) Discretionary disclosure of non-public OCC information. The OCC may make non-public OCC information available to a supervised entity and to other persons, that in the sole discretion of the Comptroller may be necessary or appropriate, without a request for records or testimony.

(b) OCC policy. It is the OCC's policy regarding non-public OCC information that such information is confidential and privileged. Accordingly, the OCC will not normally disclose this information to third parties.

(c) Conditions and limitations. The OCC may impose any conditions or limitations on disclosures under this section, including the restrictions on dissemination contained in § 4.38, that it determines are necessary to effect the purposes of this section.

(d) Unauthorized disclosures prohibited. All non-public OCC information remains the property of the OCC. No supervised entity, government agency, person, or other party to whom the information is made available, or any officer, director, employee, or agent thereof, may disclose non-public OCC information without the prior written permission of the OCC, except in published statistical material that does not disclose, either directly or when used in conjunction with other publicly available information, the affairs of any individual, corporation, or other entity. Except as authorized by the OCC, no person obtaining access to non-public OCC information under this section may make a copy of the information and no person may remove non-public OCC information from the premises of the institution, agency, or other party in authorized possession of the information.

[63 FR 62929, Nov. 10, 1998, as amended at 64 FR 29216, June 1, 1999]