12 CFR § 404.21 - Request for accounting of record disclosures.

§ 404.21 Request for accounting of record disclosures.

(a) Required information. With respect to each system of records under Ex-Im Bank control, Ex-Im Bank shall maintain an accurate accounting of the date, nature, and purpose of each external disclosure of a record and the name and address of all persons, organizations, and agencies to which disclosure has been made. Ex-Im Bank shall retain this accounting for at least five years or the life of the record, whichever is longer.

(b) Form. An individual may obtain an accounting of all disclosures of a record, provided that such individual establishes his or her identity as the subject of such record in accordance with the procedures set forth at § 404.16(d) and (e). A request for an accounting must be made in writing and must be signed by the requester. The request should be addressed to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Office at the address in § 404.14(e) and should contain both the return address and telephone number of the requester. Both the envelope and the request itself should be clearly be marked in capital letters: “PRIVACY ACT ACCOUNTING REQUEST.” Failure to properly mark or address the request may slow its processing. The request shall not be deemed to have been received by Ex-Im Bank until the Freedom of Information and Privacy Office receives the request. The letter must clearly identify the particular record for which the accounting is requested.

(c) Initial determination. The Freedom of Information and Privacy Office shall notify the requester whether the request will be granted or denied within ten working days of receipt of a valid request for an accounting. Ex-Im Bank shall not charge for processing such a request.

(d) Exceptions. Ex-Im Bank shall not be required to provide an accounting to an individual when the accounting relates to a disclosure made:

(1) To an employee within the agency;

(2) Under the FOIA; or

(3) To a law enforcement agency for an authorized law enforcement activity in response to a written request from such agency which specified the law enforcement activity for which the disclosure was sought.

[64 FR 14374, Mar. 25, 1999. Redesignated and amended at 87 FR 41034, 41042, July 11, 2022]