12 CFR 412.5 - Policy.

§ 412.5 Policy.

As provided in this part, Eximbank may accept payment from a non-Federal source (or authorize an employee to receive such payment on its behalf) with respect to attendance of the employee at a meeting or similar event which the employee has been authorized to attend in an official capacity on behalf of Eximbank. The employee's immediate supervisor and Eximbank's designated agency ethics official or his/her designee (DAEO) must approve any offer and acceptance of payment under this part in accordance with the procedures described below. If the employee is a member of Eximbank's Board of Directors, only the DAEO's approval is required. Any employee authorized to travel in accordance with this part is subject to the maximum per diem or actual subsistence expense rates and transportation class of service limitations prescribed in 41 CFR chapter 301.