12 CFR § 615.5352 - Procedures.

§ 615.5352 Procedures.

(a) Notice. When the Farm Credit Administration determines that minimum capital ratios greater than those set forth in § 615.5205 or § 628.10 of this chapter are necessary or appropriate for a particular institution, the Farm Credit Administration will notify the institution in writing of the proposed minimum capital ratios and the date by which they should be reached (if applicable) and will provide an explanation of why the ratios proposed are considered necessary or appropriate for the institution.

(b) Response.

(1) The institution may respond to any or all of the items in the notice. The response should include any matters which the institution would have the Farm Credit Administration consider in deciding whether individual minimum capital ratios should be established for the institution, what those capital ratios should be, and, if applicable, when they should be achieved. The response must be in writing and delivered to the designated Farm Credit Administration official within 30 days after the date on which the institution received the notice. In its discretion, the Farm Credit Administration may extend the time period for good cause. The Farm Credit Administration may shorten the time period with the consent of the institution or when, in the opinion of the Farm Credit Administration, the condition of the institution so requires, provided that the institution is informed promptly of the new time period.

(2) Failure to respond within 30 days or such other time period as may be specified by the Farm Credit Administration shall constitute a waiver of any objections to the proposed minimum capital ratios or the deadline for their achievement.

(c) Decision. After the close of the institution's response period, the Farm Credit Administration will decide, based on a review of the institution's response and other information concerning the institution, whether individual minimum capital ratios should be established for the institution and, if so, the ratios and the date the requirements will become effective. The institution will be notified of the decision in writing. The notice will include an explanation of the decision, except for a decision not to establish individual minimum capital requirements for the institution.

(d) Submission of plan. The decision may require the institution to develop and submit to the Farm Credit Administration, within a time period specified, an acceptable plan to reach the minimum capital ratios established for the institution by the date required.

(e) Reconsideration based on change in circumstances. If, after the Farm Credit Administration's decision in paragraph (c) of this section, there is a change in the circumstances affecting the institution's capital adequacy or its ability to reach the required minimum capital ratios by the specified date, either the institution or the Farm Credit Administration may propose a change in the minimum capital ratios for the institution, the date when the minimums must be achieved, or the institution's plan (if applicable). The Farm Credit Administration may decline to consider proposals that are not based on a significant change in circumstances or are repetitive or frivolous. Pending a decision on reconsideration, the Farm Credit Administration's original decision and any plan required under that decision shall continue in full force and effect.

[62 FR 4448, Jan. 30, 1997, as amended at 81 FR 49778, July 28, 2016]

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