12 CFR § 618.8430 - Internal controls.

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§ 618.8430 Internal controls.

Each Farm Credit institution's board of directors must adopt an internal control policy, providing adequate direction to the institution in establishing effective control over, and accountability for, operations, programs, and resources. The policy must include, at a minimum, the following:

(a) Direction to management which assigns responsibility for the internal control function (financial, credit, credit review, collateral, and administrative) to an officer (or officers) of the institution.

(b) Adoption of internal audit and control procedures that evidence responsibility for review and maintenance of comprehensive and effective internal controls.

(c) Direction for the operation of a program to review and assess its assets. These policies shall include standards which address the administration of this program, described in the list which follows:

(1) Loan, loan-related assets, and appraisal review standards, including standards for scope of review selection and standards for workpapers and supporting documentation.

(2) Asset quality classification standards to be utilized in accordance with a standardized classification system consistent among associations within a district and their funding Farm Credit Bank or agricultural credit bank.

(3) Standards for assessing credit administration, including the appraisal of collateral.

(4) Standards for the training required to initiate the program.

(d) The role of the audit committee in providing oversight and review of the institution's internal controls.

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