12 CFR § 746.104 - General provisions.

§ 746.104 General provisions.

(a) Standard of review. Each reviewing authority shall make an independent decision regarding whether a material supervisory determination by the program office subject to appeal was appropriate. The reviewing authority shall give no deference to the legal or factual conclusions of the program office or a subordinate reviewing authority; provided, however, that the burden of showing an error in a material supervisory determination shall rest solely with the insured credit union. An insured credit union shall not be prejudiced in any respect by electing to forgo optional review by the Director of the Office of Examination and Insurance pursuant to § 746.106 of this subpart.

(b) Dismissal and withdrawal. Any appeal under this subpart may be dismissed by written notice if it is not timely filed; if the basis for the appeal is not discernable; if an insured credit union asks to withdraw the request in writing; if an insured credit union fails to provide additional information requested pursuant to any authority granted in this subpart; if an insured credit union engages in bad faith; if the appeal fails to state a material supervisory determination as defined in § 746.103 of this subpart; or for reasons deemed appropriate by the reviewing authority.

(c) Discovery. No provision of this subpart is intended to create any right to discovery or similar process.

(d) Supervisory or enforcement actions not affected. No provision of this subpart is intended to affect, delay, or impede any formal or informal supervisory or enforcement action in progress or affect NCUA's authority to take any supervisory or enforcement action against an insured credit union. For purposes of this subpart, a supervisory or enforcement action is considered to be commenced when NCUA provides an insured credit union with written notice of a recommended or proposed enforcement action under the Federal Credit Union Act or other applicable law.

(e) Additional authority and waiver requests during the pendency of an appeal. A program office will not consider a waiver request or an application for additional authority that could be affected by the outcome of an appeal of a material supervisory determination unless specifically requested by an insured credit union appealing the material supervisory determination. Any deadline for a program office to decide a waiver request or an application for additional authority set forth in any part of this chapter shall be suspended until an insured credit union appealing a material supervisory determination has exhausted its administrative remedies under this subpart or may no longer appeal the material supervisory determination, whichever is later.

(f) Administrative record. A decision by the reviewing authority pursuant to this subpart shall be based exclusively on the administrative record. The administrative record shall consist of all written submissions by an insured credit union and a program office, decisions by subordinate reviewing authorities, and (where applicable) transcripts of an oral hearing before the SRC. For appeals where consultation with the appropriate State supervisory authority is required pursuant to § 746.113, the administrative record shall also consist of any written submissions by the State supervisory authority.