12 CFR Appendix A to Part 31 - Appendix A to Part 31—Interpretations: Deposits Between Affiliated Banks

Appendix A to Part 31—Interpretations: Deposits Between Affiliated Banks

a. General rule. A deposit made by a bank in an affiliated bank is treated as a loan or extension of credit to the affiliate bank under 12 U.S.C. 371c, as this statute is implemented by the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation W, 12 CFR part 223. Thus, unless an exemption from Regulation W is available, these deposits must be secured in accordance with 12 CFR 223.14. However, a national bank may not pledge assets to secure private deposits unless otherwise permitted by law (see, e.g., 12 U.S.C. 90 (permitting collateralization of deposits of public funds); 12 U.S.C. 92a (trust funds); and 25 U.S.C. 156 and 162a (Native American funds)). Thus, unless one of the exceptions to 12 CFR part 223 noted in paragraph b. of this interpretation applies, unless another exception applies that enables a bank to meet the collateral requirements of § 223.14, or unless a party other than the bank in which the deposit is made can legally offer and does post the required collateral, a national bank may not:

1. Make a deposit in an affiliated national bank;

2. Make a deposit in an affiliated State-chartered bank unless the affiliated State-chartered bank can legally offer collateral for the deposit in conformance with applicable State law and 12 CFR 223.14; or

3. Receive deposits from an affiliated bank.

b. Exceptions. The restrictions of 12 CFR part 223 (other than 12 CFR 223.13, which requires affiliate transactions to be consistent with safe and sound banking practices) do not apply to deposits:

1. Made in an affiliated depository institution or affiliated foreign bank provided that the deposit represents an ongoing, working balance maintained in the ordinary course of correspondent business. See 12 CFR 223.42(a); or

2. Made in an affiliated, insured depository institution that meets the requirements of the “sister bank” exemption under 12 CFR 223.41(a) or (b).

[73 FR 22251, Apr. 24, 2008]