12 CFR Appendix B to Part 202 - Appendix B to Part 202—Model Application Forms

Appendix B to Part 202—Model Application Forms

1. This appendix contains five model credit application forms, each designated for use in a particular type of consumer credit transaction as indicated by the bracketed caption on each form. The first sample form is intended for use in open-end, unsecured transactions; the second for closed-end, secured transactions; the third for closed-end transactions, whether unsecured or secured; the fourth in transactions involving community property or occurring in community property states; and the fifth in residential mortgage transactions which contains a model disclosure for use in complying with § 202.13 for certain dwelling-related loans. All forms contained in this appendix are models; their use by creditors is optional.

2. The use or modification of these forms is governed by the following instructions. A creditor may change the forms: by asking for additional information not prohibited by § 202.5; by deleting any information request; or by rearranging the format without modifying the substance of the inquiries. In any of these three instances, however, the appropriate notices regarding the optional nature of courtesy titles, the option to disclose alimony, child support, or separate maintenance, and the limitation concerning marital status inquiries must be included in the appropriate places if the items to which they relate appear on the creditor's form.

3. If a creditor uses an appropriate Appendix B model form, or modifies a form in accordance with the above instructions, that creditor shall be deemed to be acting in compliance with the provisions of paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) of § 202.5 of this regulation.

[Reg. B, 68 FR 13161, Mar. 18, 2003, as amended at 68 FR 53491, Sept. 11, 2003]