12 CFR Appendix MS-2 to Part 1024 - Appendix MS-2 to Part 1024

Appendix MS-2 to Part 1024
Notice of Servicing Transfer

The servicing of your mortgage loan is being transferred, effective [Date]. This means that after this date, a new servicer will be collecting your mortgage loan payments from you. Nothing else about your mortgage loan will change.

[Name of present servicer] is now collecting your payments. [Name of present servicer] will stop accepting payments received from you after [Date].

[Name of new servicer] will collect your payments going forward. Your new servicer will start accepting payments received from you on [Date].

Send all payments due on or after [Date] to [Name of new servicer] at this address: [New servicer address].

If you have any questions for either your present servicer, [Name of present servicer] or your new servicer [Name of new servicer], about your mortgage loan or this transfer, please contact them using the information below:

Current Servicer: New Servicer:
[Name of present servicer] [Name of new servicer]
[Individual or Department] [Individual or Department]
[Telephone Number] [Telephone Number]
[Address] [Address]

[Use this paragraph if appropriate; otherwise omit.] Important note about insurance: If you have mortgage life or disability insurance or any other type of optional insurance, the transfer of servicing rights may affect your insurance in the following way:

You should do the following to maintain coverage:

Under Federal law, during the 60-day period following the effective date of the transfer of the loan servicing, a loan payment received by your old servicer on or before its due date may not be treated by the new servicer as late, and a late fee may not be imposed on you.

[and] [or]
[78 FR 10886, Feb. 14, 2013]