12 CFR Appendix MS-4 to Part 1024 - Model Clauses for the Written Early Intervention Notice

Appendix MS-4 to Part 1024 - Model Clauses for the Written Early Intervention Notice
MS-4(A) - Statement Encouraging the Borrower To Contact the Servicer and Additional Information About Loss Mitigation Options (§ 1024.39(b)(2)(i), (ii) and (iv))

Call us today to learn more about your options and instructions for how to apply. [The longer you wait, or the further you fall behind on your payments, the harder it will be to find a solution.]

[Servicer Name]
[Servicer Address]
[Servicer Telephone Number]
[For more information, visit [Servicer Web site] [and][or] [Email Address]].
MS-4(B) - Available Loss Mitigation Options (§ 1024.39(b)(2)(iii))

[If you need help, the following options may be possible (most are subject to lender approval):]

• [Refinance your loan with us or another lender;]

• [Modify your loan terms with us;]

• [Payment forbearance temporarily gives you more time to pay your monthly payment;] [or]

• [If you are not able to continue paying your mortgage, your best option may be to find more affordable housing. As an alternative to foreclosure, you may be able to sell your home and use the proceeds to pay off your current loan.]

MS-4(C) - Housing Counselors (§ 1024.39(b)(2)(v))

For help exploring your options, the Federal government provides contact information for housing counselors, which you can access by contacting [the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at [Bureau Housing Counselor List Web site]] [the Department of Housing and Urban Development at [HUD Housing Counselor List Web site]] or by calling [HUD Housing Counselor List Telephone Number].

MS-4(D) - Written Early Intervention Notice for Servicers Subject to FDCPA (§ 1024.39(d)(2)(iii))

This is a legally required notice. We are sending this notice to you because you are behind on your mortgage payment. We want to notify you of possible ways to avoid losing your home. We have a right to invoke foreclosure based on the terms of your mortgage contract. Please read this letter carefully.

[78 FR 10887, Feb. 14, 2013, as amended at 81 FR 72376, Oct. 19, 2016; 82 FR 30948, July 5, 2017]