13 CFR § 107.820 - Financings in the form of guarantees.

§ 107.820 Financings in the form of guarantees.

At the request of a Small Business or where necessary to protect your existing investment, you may guarantee the monetary obligation of a Small Business to any non-Associate creditor.

(a) You may not issue a guaranty if:

(1) You would become subject to State regulation as an insurance, guaranty or surety business;

(2) The amount of the guaranty plus any direct Financings to the Small Business exceed the overline limitations of § 107.740, except that a pledge of the Equity Securities of the issuer or a subordination of your lien or creditor position does not count toward your overline; or

(3) The total financing cost to the Small Business exceeds the cost of money limits of § 107.855.

(b) Pledge of Licensee's assets as guaranty. For purposes of this section, a guaranty with recourse only to specific asset(s) you have pledged is equal to the fair market value of such asset(s) or the amount of the debt guaranteed, whichever is less.