13 CFR § 109.300 - General.

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§ 109.300 General.

An ILP Intermediary must maintain compliance with all ILP Program Requirements until the ILP Intermediary has repaid its ILP Loan to SBA. With respect to its activities in the ILP program, the ILP Intermediary is subject to the requirements of §§ 120.140 (What ethical requirements apply to participants?), 120.197 (Notifying SBA's Office of Inspector General of suspected fraud), 120.412 (Other services Lenders may provide Borrowers), and 120.413 (Advertisement of relationship with SBA) of this chapter, in addition to the regulations specifically set forth in this Part. The ILP Intermediary and any contractor(s) it may have are independent contractors that are responsible for their own actions with respect to small business loans made under this program. SBA has no responsibility or liability for any claim by an Eligible Small Business Concern or other party for any injury as a result of any wrongful action taken by the ILP Intermediary or an employee, agent or contractor of an ILP Intermediary.