13 CFR § 115.22 - Quarterly Contract Completion Report.

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§ 115.22 Quarterly Contract Completion Report.

The Surety must submit a Quarterly Contract Completion Report within 45 days after the close of each fiscal year quarter ending December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30, that identifies each contract successfully completed during the quarter. The report shall include:

(a) The SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Number,

(b) Name of the Principal,

(c) The original Contract Dollar Amount,

(d) The revised Contract Dollar Amount (if applicable),

(e) The date of Contract completion, and

(f) A summary specifying the fee amounts paid to SBA by the Surety and Principal, the fee amounts due to SBA as a result of any increases in the Contract amount, and the fee amounts to be refunded to the Principal or rebated to the Surety as a result of any decreases in the Contract amount.

[82 FR 39501, Aug. 21, 2017]