13 CFR § 120.1703 - Qualifications to be a Pool Originator.

§ 120.1703 Qualifications to be a Pool Originator.

(a) Application to become Pool Originator. The application to become a Pool Originator is available from the SBA and can be found on SBA's website. In order to qualify as a Pool Originator, an entity must send the application to the SBA and certify that it is a Pool Assembler or it:

(1) Is regulated by the appropriate agency as defined in section 3(a)(34)(G) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U.S.C. 78c(a)(34)(G));

(2) Meets all financial and other applicable requirements of its regulatory authority and the Government Securities Act of 1986, as amended (Pub. L. 99–571, 100 Stat. 3208);

(3) Has the financial capability to originate acceptable pools consisting of eligible First Lien Position 504 Loans in sufficient quantity to support the issuance of Pool Certificates;

(4) Is in good standing with SBA (as the SBA determines), and is Satisfactory with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) if it is a national bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation if it is a bank not regulated by the OCC, the Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority if it is a member, the National Credit Union Administration if it is a credit union, as determined by SBA; and

(5) for any Pool Originator that is an SBA Lender, that the SBA Lender has satisfactory SBA performance, as determined by SBA in its sole discretion.

(b) Approval by SBA. An entity may not submit applications to form Pools to the CSA until SBA has approved its application to become a Pool Originator.

(c) Conduct of business by Pool Originator. An entity continues to qualify as a Pool Originator so long as it:

(1) Meets the eligibility standards in paragraph (a) of this section;

(2) Conducts its business in accordance with SBA regulations and accepted securities or banking industry practices, ethics, and standards;

(3) Maintains its books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or in accordance with the guidelines of the regulatory body governing its activities; and

(4) Has not been suspended or terminated from the Program by SBA.

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