13 CFR § 120.172 - Flood-plain and wetlands management.

§ 120.172 Flood-plain and wetlands management.

(a) All loans must conform to requirements of Executive Orders 11988, “Flood Plain Management” (3 CFR, 1977 Comp., p. 117) and 11990, “Protection of Wetlands” (3 CFR, 1977 Comp., p. 121). Lenders, Intermediaries, CDCs, and SBA must comply with requirements applicable to them. Applicants must show:

(1) Whether the location for which financial assistance is proposed is in a floodplain or wetland;

(2) If it is in a floodplain, that the assistance is in compliance with local land use plans; and

(3) That any necessary construction or use permits will be issued.

(b) Generally, there is an 8-step decision making process with respect to:

(1) Construction or acquisition of anything, other than a building;

(2) Repair and restoration equal to more than 50% of the market value of a building; or

(3) Replacement of destroyed structures.

(c) SBA may determine for the following types of actions, on a case-by-case basis, that the full 8-step process is not warranted and that only the first step (determining if a proposed action is in the base floodplain) need be completed:

(1) Actions located outside the base floodplain;

(2) Repairs, other than to buildings, that are less than 50% of the market value;

(3) Replacement of building contents, materials, and equipment;

(4) Hazard mitigation measures;

(5) Working capital loans; or

(6) SBA loan assistance of $1,500,000 or less.