13 CFR § 120.600 - Definitions.

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§ 120.600 Definitions.

(a) Certificate is the document the FTA issues representing either a beneficial fractional undivided interest in a Pool (Pool Certificate), or a fractional undivided interest in some or all of the guaranteed portion of an individual 7(a) guaranteed loan (Individual Certificate).

(b) Current means that no repayment from a Borrower to a Lender is over 29 days late measured from the due date of the payment on the records of the FTA's central registry (Pools) or the entity servicing the loan (individual guaranteed portion).

(c) Dollar-Weighted Average Net Rate of a Pool is calculated by multiplying the interest rate of each loan in the Pool by the ratio of that loan's current outstanding guaranteed principal to the current outstanding guaranteed principal of all loans in the Pool, and adding the sum of the resulting products. The Dollar-Weighted Average Net Rate of a Pool will fluctuate over the life of the Pool as loan defaults, prepayments and normal loan repayments occur.

(d) FTA is the SBA's fiscal and transfer agent.

(e) Note Rate is the interest rate on the Borrower's note.

(f) Net Rate is the interest rate on an individual guaranteed portion of a loan in a Pool.

(g) Pool is an aggregation of SBA guaranteed portions of loans made by Lenders.

(h) Pool Assembler is a financial institution that:

(1) Organizes and packages a Pool by acquiring the SBA guaranteed portions of loans from Lenders;

(2) Resells fractional interests in the Pool to Registered Holders; and

(3) Directs the FTA to issue Certificates.

(i) Pool Rate is the interest rate on a Pool Certificate.

(j) Registered Holder is the Certificate owner listed in FTA's records.

(k) SBA's Secondary Market Program Guide is an issuance from SBA which describes the characteristics of Secondary Market transactions.

(l) Weighted Average Coupon (WAC) Pool is a Pool where the interest rate payable to the investor is equal to the Dollar-Weighted Average Net Rate of the Pool.

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