13 CFR § 120.970 - Servicing of 504 loans and Debentures.

§ 120.970 Servicing of 504 loans and Debentures.

(a) In servicing 504 loans, CDCs must comply with Loan Program Requirements and in accordance with prudent and commercially reasonable lending standards.

(b) The CDC is responsible for routine servicing including receipt and review of the Borrower's or Operating Company's financial statements on an annual or more frequent basis and monitoring the status of the Borrower and 504 loan collateral.

(c) The CDC is responsible for assuring that the Borrower makes all required insurance premium payments and has paid all taxes when due.

(d) The CDC is responsible for filing renewals and extensions of security interests on collateral for the 504 loan, as required.

(e) The CDC must timely respond to Borrower requests for loan modifications.

(f) For any 504 loan that is more than three months past due, the CDC must promptly request that SBA purchase the Debenture unless the 504 loan has an SBA-approved deferment or is in compliance with an SBA-approved plan to allow the Borrower to catch up on delinquent loan payments.

(g) The CDC must cooperate with SBA to cure defaults and initiate workouts.

(h) Additional servicing requirements are set forth in subpart E of this part.

[68 FR 57988, Oct. 7, 2003, as amended at 72 FR 18364, Apr. 12, 2007]