13 CFR § 123.108 - How do the SBA disaster loan program and the FEMA grant programs interact?

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§ 123.108 How do the SBA disaster loan program and the FEMA grant programs interact?

After a Presidential disaster declaration is made, you may be eligible for disaster assistance, including grant assistance, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Federal Assistance to Individuals and Households Program (IHP). After you register with FEMA for disaster assistance, FEMA will consider you for IHP assistance, which includes housing assistance grants to repair or replace your damaged primary residence and temporary housing assistance (including rental assistance) to assist you temporarily with a place to live, and assistance with personal property, medical, dental and funeral expenses. FEMA may also refer you to SBA to apply for loan assistance to help repair or rebuild your home and/or to replace personal property destroyed during the disaster. If SBA is unable to approve your loan application, or if you have damage in excess of the SBA loan amount, SBA may refer you, on a timely basis, to FEMA for IHP grant consideration to assist with your unmet personal property and transportation needs. If you are approved for the SBA disaster loan and you have received grant assistance that duplicates the damage covered by the SBA loan, such grant assistance must be deducted from your loan eligibility as described in section 123.101(c) of the regulations. All grant decisions are made by FEMA. Additionally, if additional disaster assistance is available from state, local or other agencies, SBA may refer you to the appropriate agency for consideration.

[75 FR 7546, Feb. 22, 2010]