13 CFR § 126.306 - How will SBA process an application for HUBZone certification?

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§ 126.306 How will SBA process an application for HUBZone certification?

(a) The D/HUB or designee is authorized to approve or decline applications for HUBZone certification. SBA will receive and review all applications and request supporting documents. SBA must receive all required information, supporting documents, and a completed HUBZone representation before it will begin processing a concern's application. SBA will not process incomplete packages. SBA will make its determination within 60 calendar days after receipt of a complete package.

(b) The burden of proof to demonstrate eligibility is on the applicant concern. If a concern does not provide requested information within the allotted time provided by SBA, or if it submits incomplete information, SBA may draw an adverse inference and presume that the information that the applicant failed to provide would demonstrate ineligibility and deny certification on this basis.

(1) If a concern submits inconsistent information that results in SBA's inability to determine the concern's compliance with any of the HUBZone eligibility requirements, SBA will decline the concern's application.

(2) If, during the processing of an application, SBA determines that an applicant has knowingly submitted false information, regardless of whether correct information would cause SBA to deny the application, and regardless of whether correct information was given to SBA in accompanying documents, SBA will deny the application.

(c) SBA's decision will be based on the facts set forth in the application, any information received in response to SBA's request for clarification, any independent research conducted by SBA, and any changed circumstances.

(d) In order to be certified into the program, the applicant must be eligible as of the date it submitted its application and at the time the D/HUB issues a decision. An applicant must inform SBA of any changes to its circumstances that occur after its application and before its certification that may affect its eligibility. SBA will consider such changed circumstances in determining whether to certify the concern.

(e) If SBA approves the application, it will send a written notice to the concern and designate the concern as a certified HUBZone small business concern in DSBS (or successor system) as described in § 126.307.

(f) If SBA denies the application, it will send a written notice to the concern and state the specific reasons for denial.

(g) SBA will presume that notice of its decision was provided to an applicant if SBA sends a communication to the concern at a mailing address, email address, or fax number provided in the concern's profile in the System for Award Management (or successor system).

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