13 CFR 301.6 - Supplementary Investment Assistance.

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§ 301.6 Supplementary Investment Assistance.

(a) Pursuant to a request made by an Eligible Applicant, EDA Investment Assistance may supplement a grant awarded in another “designated Federal grant program,” if the Eligible Applicant qualifies for financial assistance under such program, but is unable to provide the required non-Federal share because of the Eligible Applicant's economic situation. For purposes of this section, a “designated Federal grant program” means a Federal grant program that:

(1) Provides assistance in the construction or equipping of public works, public service or development facilities;

(2) Is designated by EDA as eligible for supplementary Investment Assistance under this section; and

(3) Assists Projects that are otherwise eligible for Investment Assistance and consistent with the Eligible Applicant's CEDS.

(b) For a Project that meets the economic distress criteria provided in § 301.3(a), the Investment Assistance, combined with funds from a designated Federal grant program, may be at the maximum allowable Investment Rate, even if the designated Federal grant program has a lower grant rate. If the designated Federal grant program has a grant rate higher than the maximum EDA Investment Rate, the EDA Investment and other Federal funds together may exceed the EDA Investment Rate, provided that the EDA share of total funding does not exceed the maximum allowable Investment Rate.

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