14 CFR § 1215.103 - Services.

§ 1215.103 Services.

(a) Standard services. These are services which TDRSS is capable of providing to low-Earth orbital user spacecraft or other terrestrial users. Data are delivered to WSC or GRGT. A detailed description of services is provided in the GSFC Space Network Users' Guide, 450-SNUG. Contact the Chief, Networks Integration Management Office, at the address in Section 1215.108(d) to obtain a copy of the SNUG.

(1) Tracking service.

(2) Data acquisition service.

(3) Command transmission service.

(b) Required Support Services. These are support activities that are required to obtain TDRSS services.

(1) Prelaunch support planning, analysis, and documentation.

(2) Compatibility testing.

(3) Prelaunch support for data-flow testing and related activities.

(4) User services scheduling.

(c) Mission-unique services. Other tracking and data services desired by the user that are beyond the standard and required support services defined above. The associated charges for these services will be identified and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

[77 FR 6952, Feb. 10, 2012]

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