14 CFR § 1215.107 - User data security and frequency authorizations.

§ 1215.107 User data security and frequency authorizations.

(a) User data security is not provided by the TDRSS. Responsibility for data security resides solely with the user. Users desiring data safeguards shall provide and operate, external to the TDRSS, the necessary equipment or systems to accomplish data security. Any such user provisions must be compatible with data flow through TDRSS and not interfere with other users.

(b) All radio frequency authorizations associated with operations pursuant to this directive are the responsibility of the user. If appropriate, authority(ies) must be obtained from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for operations consistent with U.S. footnote 303 of the National Table of Frequency Allocations, FCC Rules and Regulations, at 47 CFR 2.106.

[56 FR 28049, June 19, 1991]

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