14 CFR § 1221.110 - Use of the NASA Insignia.

§ 1221.110 Use of the NASA Insignia.

The NASA Insignia is authorized for use on the following:

(a) NASA articles.

(1) NASA letterhead stationary.

(2) Films, videotapes, and sound recordings produced by or for NASA.

(3) Wearing apparel and personal property items used by NASA employees in the performance of their duties.

(4) Required uniforms of contractor employees when performing public affairs, guard or fire protection duties, and similar duties within NASA Installations or at other assigned NASA duty stations, and on any required contractor-owned vehicles used exclusively in the performance of these duties, when authorized by NASA contracting officers.

(5) Spacecraft, aircraft, automobiles, trucks and similar vehicles owned by, leased to, or contractor-furnished to NASA, or produced for NASA by contractors, but excluding NASA-owned vehicles used and operated by contractors for the conduct of contractor business.

(6) Equipment and facilities owned by, leased to, or contractor-furnished to NASA, such as machinery, major tools, ground handling equipment, office and shop furnishings (if appropriate), and similar items of a permanent nature, including those produced for NASA by contractors.

(7) NASA publications, including pamphlets, brochures, manuals, handbooks, house organs, bulletins, general reports, posters, signs, charts, exhibits, and items of similar nature for general use, as specified in the NASA Graphics Standards Manual and the NASA Insignia Standards Supplement.

(8) Briefcases or dispatch cases issued by NASA.

(9) Certificates covering authority to NASA and contractor security personnel to carry firearms.

(10) NASA occupied buildings when the use of the NASA Insignia is more appropriate than use of the NASA Seal.

(b) Personal articles—NASA employees.

(1) Business calling cards of NASA employees may carry the imprint of the NASA Insignia.

(2) Limited usage on automobiles. If determined appropriate by the cognizant Installation official, it is acceptable to place a NASA Insignia sticker on personal automobiles where such identification will facilitate entry or control of such vehicles at NASA Installations or parking areas.

(3) Personal items used in connection with NASA employees' recreation association activities.

(4) Items for sale through NASA employees' nonappropriated fund activities subject to paragraph (c) of this section.

(5) NASA employees shall not use the NASA Insignia in any manner that would imply that NASA endorses a commercial product, service, or activity or that material of a nonofficial nature represents NASA's official position.

(c) Miscellaneous articles.

(1) The manufacture and commercial sale of the NASA Insignia as a separate and distinct device in the form of an emblem, patch, insignia, badge, decal, vinylcal, cloth, metal, or other material which would preclude NASA's control over its use or application is prohibited.

(2) Use of the NASA Uniform Patches, which incorporate the NASA Insignia, is authorized only as prescribed in the NASA Graphics Standards Manual and the NASA Insignia Standards Supplement, for NASA personnel and NASA contractor personnel identification.

(3) No approval for use of the NASA Insignia will be authorized when its use can be construed as an endorsement by NASA of a product or service.

(4) Items bearing the NASA Insignia and NASA Logotype such as souvenirs, novelties, toys, models, clothing, and similar items (including items for sale through the NASA employees' nonappropriated fund activities) may be manufactured and sold only after the a request has been submitted to, and approved by, the NASA Office for Communications, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546.

(d) Use of the NASA Insignia for any other purpose than as prescribed in this section is prohibited, except that the Associate Administrator for Public Affairs may authorize on a case-by-case basis the use of the NASA Insignia for other purposes when the Associate Administrator for the Public Affairs deems such use to be appropriate.

[58 FR 58944, Nov. 5, 1993, as amended at 85 FR 71831, Nov. 12, 2020]