14 CFR § 1240.104 - Applications for awards.

§ 1240.104 Applications for awards.

(a) Eligibility. Applications for award may be submitted by any person including any individual, partnership, corporation, association, institution, or other entity. An application for an award under this section is separate from application for an award under § 1240.105 and may be submitted whether or not the contribution is also eligible for an award under § 1240.105.

(b) Information required. Applications for award should be addressed to the Inventions and Contributions Board (herein referred to as the Board), National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, DC 20546-0001, and will contain:

(1) The name and address of the applicant, the person's relationship to the contributor if the contribution is made by one other than the applicant, and the names and addresses of any others having information as to the value or usage of the contribution;

(2) A complete written description of the contribution, in the English language, using electronic media, accompanied by drawings, sketches, diagrams, or photographs illustrating the nature of the contribution and the technical and scientific principles upon which it is based, any available test or performance data or observations of pertinent scientific phenomena, and the aeronautics or space application of the contribution;

(3) The date and manner of any previous submittal of the contribution to any other United States Government agency, and the name of such agency;

(4) The aggregate amount of any sums which have been expended by the applicant for the development of the contribution;

(5) The nature and extent of any known use of the contribution by the United States and by any agency of the United States Government;

(6) The amount of any compensation (other than salary received for services rendered as an officer or employee of the Government) previously received by the applicant for or on account of the use of such contribution by the United States;

(7) Identification of any United States and foreign patents applied for or issued relating to the contribution; and

(8) An agreement to surrender all claims which such applicant may have for the use of such contribution by the Government.

(c) General.

(1) Each contribution will be made the subject of a separate application in order that each contribution may be evaluated individually.

(2) Material constituting a possible hazard to safety or requiring unusual storage facilities should not be submitted, and will not be accepted. Models or intricate exhibits demonstrating the contribution will not be accepted unless specifically requested by the Board. In those few cases where such models or exhibits have been submitted pursuant to a request made by the Board, the same will be returned to the applicant upon written request from the applicant.

(3) It is the policy of the Board to use or disclose information contained in applications for awards for evaluation purposes only. Applications for awards submitted with restrictive legends or statements differing from this policy will be treated in accordance with the Board's policy.

[67 FR 31120, May 9, 2002, as amended at 77 FR 27366, May 10, 2012]

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