14 CFR § 1241.25 - Basic program.

§ 1241.25 Basic program.

(a) General -

(1) Scope. Subject to all applicable definitions, conditions, limitations, or exclusions specified in this part, NASA will provide medical monitoring and diagnosis of potentially spaceflight-associated conditions and treatment of a spaceflight-associated conditions, as well as any associated travel expenses for the eligible individual's lifetime.

(2) Location of medical monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.

(i) Medical monitoring will be provided for eligible individuals at the JSC.

(ii) When travel is inadvisable due to the health of the eligible individual or when otherwise advantageous to the Government, monitoring may be provided at a location other than the JSC.

(iii) Diagnosis and treatment will be provided for eligible individuals at locations determined by the medical appropriateness of the facility, patient preferences, cost effectiveness, and other pertinent factors.

(3) Right to information. As a condition precedent to participation in this program, NASA is entitled to receive copies of medical records from any physician, hospital or other person, health insurance company, institution, or entity (including a local, state, or U.S. Government agency) providing medical monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment to the eligible individual for which claims or requests for approval for medical monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment are submitted to NASA. As part of this condition precedent, NASA may require eligible individuals to complete such medical releases needed to facilitate obtaining such information as legally required by state and Federal law.

(b) Monitoring and Diagnosis. NASA will provide monitoring and diagnosis for eligible individuals for conditions potentially associated with spaceflight.

(1) Standardized monitoring will be offered routinely at the JSC.

(2) Individualized monitoring will be provided, as necessary.

(3) NASA may pay for and obtain autopsies of eligible individuals, who previously consented in writing or with consent of the next of kin, when such autopsy would contribute substantially to the knowledge of spaceflight physiology or pathology. NASA will coordinate with the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System for such autopsies.

(c) Treatment. NASA will provide or arrange for the treatment of spaceflight-associated conditions.

(1) Treatment will be secondary to any services provided by primary payers.

(2) Should urgency dictate, NASA may provide for conditional payments for treatment.

(d) Exclusions and limitations. In addition to any definitions, requirements, conditions, or limitations enumerated and described in other sections of this part, the following are specifically excluded:

(1) Medical monitoring or diagnosis of an eligible individual for any medical or psychological condition that is not potentially associated with human spaceflight; and

(2) Treatment of an eligible individual for any medical or psychological condition that is not associated with human spaceflight.

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