14 CFR § 221.20 - Specifications applicable to tariff publications.

§ 221.20 Specifications applicable to tariff publications.

(a) Numerical order. All items in a tariff shall be arranged in numerical or alphabetical order. Each item shall bear a separate item designation and the same designation shall not be assigned to more than one item.

(b) Carrier's name. Wherever the name of a carrier appears in a tariff publication, such name shall be shown in full exactly as it appears in the carrier's certificate of public convenience and necessity, foreign air carrier permit, letter of registration, or whatever other form of operating authority of the Department to engage in air transportation is held by the carrier, or such other name which has specifically been authorized by order of the Department. A carrier's name may be abbreviated, provided the abbreviation is explained in the tariff.

(c) Agent's name and title. Wherever the name of an agent appears in tariff publications, such name shall be shown in full exactly as it appears in the powers of attorney given to such agent by the participating carriers and the title “Agent” or “Alternate Agent” (as the case may be) shall be shown immediately in connection with the name.

(d) Statement of prices. All fares and charges shall be clearly and explicitly stated and shall be arranged in a simple and systematic manner. Complicated plans and ambiguous or indefinite terms shall not be used. So far as practicable, the fares and charges shall be subdivided into items or similar units, and an identifying number shall be assigned to each item or unit to facilitate reference thereto.

(e) Statement of rules. The rules and regulations of each tariff shall be clear, explicit and definite, and except as otherwise provided in this part, shall contain:

(1) Such explanatory statements regarding the fares, charges, rules or other provisions contained in the tariff as may be necessary to remove all doubt as to their application.

(2) All of the terms, conditions, or other provisions which affect the fares or charges for air transportation named in the tariff.

(3) All provisions and charges which in any way increase or decrease the amount to be paid by any passenger, or which in any way increase or decrease the value of the services rendered to the passenger.

(f) Separate rules tariff. If desired, rules and regulations may be published in separate governing tariffs to the extent authorized and in the manner required by subpart G.

(g) Rules of limited application. A rule affecting only a particular fare or other provision in the tariff shall be specifically referred to in connection with such fare or other provision, and such rule shall indicate that it is applicable only in connection with such fare or other provision. Such rule shall not be published in a separate governing rules tariff.

(h) Conflicting or duplicating rules prohibited. The publication of rules or regulations which duplicate or conflict with other rules or regulations published in the same or any other tariff for account of the same carrier or carriers and applicable to or in connection with the same transportation is prohibited.

(i) Each tariff shall include:

(1) A prominent D.O.T. or other number identifying the tariff in the sequence of tariffs published by the carrier or issuing agent;

(2) The name of the issuing carrier or agent;

(3) The cancellation of any tariffs superseded by the tariff;

(4) A description of the tariff contents, including geographic coverage;

(5) Identification by number of any governing tariffs;

(6) The date on which the tariff is issued;

(7) The date on which the tariff provisions will become effective; and

(8) the expiration date, if applicable to the entire tariff.