14 CFR § 221.400 - Filing of paper tariffs required.

§ 221.400 Filing of paper tariffs required.

(a) After approval of any application filed under § 221.180 of this subpart to allow a filer to file tariffs electronically, the filer in addition to filing electronically must continue to file printed tariffs as required by subparts A through Q of part 221 for a period of 90 days, or until such time as the Department shall deem such filing no longer to be necessary: Provided that during the period specified by this section the filed printed tariff shall continue to be the official tariff.

(b) Upon notification to the filer that it may commence to file its tariffs solely in an electronic mode, concurrently with the implementation of filing electronically the filer shall:

(1) Furnish the Department with a copy of all the existing effective and prospective records on a machine-readable tape or other mutually acceptable electronic medium accompanied by an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of such records; and

(2) Simultaneously cancel such records from the paper tariff in the manner prescribed by subparts A through Q of part 221.