14 CFR § 302.1 - Applicability and description of part.

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§ 302.1 Applicability and description of part.

(a) Applicability. This part governs the conduct of all aviation economic proceedings before the Department whether instituted by order of the Department or by the filing with the Department of an application, complaint, petition, motion, or other authorized or required document. This part also contains delegations to administrative law judges and to the DOT decisionmaker of the Department's function to render the agency decision in certain cases and the procedures for review of those decisions. This part applies unless otherwise specified by order of the Department.

(b) Description. Subpart A of this part sets forth general rules applicable to all types of proceedings. Each of the other subparts of this part sets forth special rules applicable to the type of proceedings described in the title of the subpart. Therefore, for information as to applicable rules, reference should be made to subpart A and to the rules in the subpart relating to the particular type of proceeding, if any. In addition, reference should be made to Subtitle VII of Title 49 of the United States Code (Transportation) (“the Statute”), and to the substantive rules, regulations and orders of the Department relating to the proceeding. Wherever there is any conflict between one of the general rules in subpart A and a special rule in another subpart applicable to a particular type of proceeding, the special rule will govern.

(c) Reference to part and method of citing rules. This part may be referred to as the “Rules of Practice”. Each section, and any paragraph or subparagraph thereof, may be referred to as a “Rule”. The number of each rule need include only the numbers and letters at the right of the decimal point. For example, “302.7 Service of documents”, may be referred to as “Rule 7”.