14 CFR § 302.7 - Service of documents.

§ 302.7 Service of documents.

(a) Who makes service—(1) The Department. Formal complaints, notices, orders, and similar documents issued by the Department will be served by the Department upon all parties to the proceeding.

(2) The parties. Answers, petitions, motions, briefs, exceptions, notices, protests, or memoranda, or any other documents filed by any party or other person with the Department shall be served by such party or other person upon all parties to the proceeding in which it is filed; including, where applicable, all persons who have petitioned for intervention in, or consolidation of applications with, such proceeding. Proof of service shall accompany all documents when they are filed. The Department may require additional service of any document(s).

(b) How service may be made. Service may be made by first class mail, express mail, priority mail, registered or certified mail, facsimile transmission, personal delivery, or by electronic mail. The Department may prescribe other means of service by order or notice. The means of service selected must be done in such manner so as to have the same attributes as section 46103 of 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII, which provides for service of notices and processes in a proceeding by personal service or registered or certified mail.

(c) Who may be served. Service upon a party or person may be made upon an individual, or upon a member of a partnership or firm to be served, or upon the president or other officer of the corporation, company, firm, or association to be served, or upon the assignee or legal successor of any of the foregoing, or upon any attorney of record for the party, or upon the agent designated by an air carrier or foreign air carrier under section 46103 of 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII, but it shall be served upon a person designated by a party to receive service of documents in a particular proceeding in accordance with § 302.4(a)(2)(i)(D) once a proceeding has been commenced.

(d) Where service may be made. Service shall be made at the principal place of business of the party to be served, or at his or her usual residence if he or she is an individual, or at the office of the party's attorney of record, or at the office or usual residence of the agent designated by an air carrier or foreign air carrier under section 46103 of 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII, or at the post office or electronic address or facsimile number stated for a person designated to receive service pursuant to§ 302.4(a)(2)(i)(D).

(e) Proof of service. Proof of service of any document shall consist of one of the following:

(1) A certificate of mailing executed by the person mailing the document.

(2) A certificate of successful transmission executed by the person transmitting the document by facsimile or electronic mail, listing the facsimile numbers or electronic mail address to which the document was sent, and stating that no indication was received that any transmission had failed. In the event of an electronic transmission failure, any other authorized means of service may be substituted and the appropriate proof of service provided.

(f) Date of service. The date of service by post office or electronic mail is the date of mailing. Whenever proof of service by personal delivery or facsimile transmission is made, the date of such delivery or facsimile transmission shall be the date of service.

(g) Freely Associated State Proceedings. In any proceeding directly involving air transportation to the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, or Palau, the Department and any party or participant in the proceeding shall serve all documents on the President and the designated authorities of the government(s) involved. This requirement shall apply to all proceedings where service is otherwise required, and shall be in addition to any other service required by this chapter.

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