14 CFR § 303.02 - Definitions.

§ 303.02 Definitions.

(a) The term Assistant Secretary means the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs, or as delegated. As provided in 49 CFR 1.21, the Secretary or Deputy Secretary may exercise any authority in lieu of the Assistant Secretary under the provisions of this part.

(b) The term documents means:

(1) All written, recorded, transcribed or graphic matter including letters, telegrams, memoranda, reports, studies, forecasts, lists, directives, tabulations, logs, or minutes and records of meetings, conferences, telephone or other conversations or communications; and

(2) All information contained in data processing equipment or materials. The term does not include daily or weekly statistical reports in whose place an annual or monthly summary is submitted.

(c) The term hearing means either a show-cause proceeding as provided in § 303.44 or a full evidentiary hearing as provided in § 303.45, whichever is determined by the Assistant Secretary to be appropriate.

(d)-(g) [Reserved]

(h) The term Section 41309 transaction means any contract, agreement or discussion of a cooperative working arrangement within the scope of 49 U.S.C. 41309.

(i) [Reserved]

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