14 CFR § 404.3 - General.

§ 404.3 General.

(a) Any person may petition the Associate Administrator to:

(1) Issue, amend, or repeal a regulation to eliminate as a requirement for a license or permit any requirement of Federal law applicable to commercial space launch and reentry activities and the operation of launch and reentry sites;

(2) Waive any such requirement in the context of a specific application for a license or permit; or

(3) Waive the requirement for a license, except as provided in § 404.7(b).

(b) A petition filed under this section may request, under § 413.9 of this chapter, that the Associate Administrator withhold certain trade secrets or proprietary commercial or financial data from public disclosure.

(c) Each petitioner filing under this section must:

(1) For electronic submission, send one copy of the petition by email to the Office of Commercial Space Transportation at ASTpetition@faa.gov; or

(2) For paper submission, send one copy of the petition to the Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, 800 Independence Avenue SW, Room 331, Washington, DC 20591.

(d) Each petition filed under this section must include the petitioner's name, mailing address, telephone number and any other contact information, such as an email address or a fax number.

(e) Notification. When the Associate Administrator determines that a petition should be granted or denied, the Associate Administrator notifies the petitioner of the Associate Administrator's action and the reasons supporting the action.

(f) Reconsideration. Any person may petition the FAA to reconsider a denial of a petition the person filed. The petitioner must send a request for reconsideration within 60 days after being notified of the denial to the same address to which the original petition was filed. For the FAA to accept the reconsideration request, the petitioner must show—

(1) There is a significant additional fact and the reason it was not included in the original petition;

(2) The FAA made an important factual error in its denial of the original petition; or

(3) The denial is not in accordance with the applicable law and regulations.

(g) Public hearing. No public hearing, argument or other proceeding is held on a petition before its disposition under this section.

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