14 CFR § 450.157 - Communications.

§ 450.157 Communications.

(a) An operator must implement communication procedures during the countdown and flight of a launch or reentry vehicle that -

(1) Define the authority of personnel, by individual or position title, to issue “hold/resume,” “go/no go,” and abort commands;

(2) Assign communication networks so that personnel identified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section have direct access to real-time, safety-critical information required to issue “hold/resume,” “go/no go,” and any abort commands; and

(3) Implement a protocol for using defined radio telephone communications terminology.

(b) An operator must ensure the currency of the communication procedures, and that all personnel are working with the approved version of the communication procedures.

(c) An operator must record all safety-critical communications network channels that are used for voice, video, or data transmissions that support safety-critical systems during each countdown.

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