14 CFR § 450.185 - Ground hazard analysis.

§ 450.185 Ground hazard analysis.

An operator must perform and document a ground hazard analysis, and continue to maintain it throughout the lifecycle of the launch or reentry system. The analysis must -

(a) Hazard identification. Identify system and operation hazards posed by the vehicle and ground hardware, including site and ground support equipment. Hazards identified must include the following:

(1) System hazards, including:

(i) Vehicle over-pressurization;

(ii) Sudden energy release, including ordnance actuation;

(iii) Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation;

(iv) Fire or deflagration;

(v) Radioactive materials;

(vi) Toxic release;

(vii) Cryogens;

(viii) Electrical discharge; and

(ix) Structural failure.

(2) Operation hazards, including:

(i) Propellant handling and loading;

(ii) Transporting of vehicle or vehicle components;

(iii) Vehicle testing; and

(iv) Vehicle or system activation.

(b) Hazard assessment. Assess each hazard's likelihood and severity.

(c) Risk acceptability criteria. Ensure that the risk associated with each hazard meets the following criteria:

(1) The likelihood of any hazardous condition that may cause death or serious injury to the public must be extremely remote; and

(2) The likelihood of any hazardous condition that may cause major damage to property not associated with the launch or reentry must be remote.

(d) Risk mitigation. Identify and describe the risk elimination and mitigation measures required to satisfy paragraph (c) of this section.

(e) Validation and verification. Document that the risk elimination and mitigation measures achieve the risk levels of paragraph (c) of this section through validation and verification. Verification includes:

(1) Analysis;

(2) Test;

(3) Demonstration; or

(4) Inspection.

(f) Application requirements. An applicant must submit -

(1) A description of the methodology used to perform the ground hazard analysis;

(2) A list of all systems and operations that may cause a hazard involving the vehicle or any payload; and

(3) The ground hazard analysis products of paragraphs (a) through (e) of this section, including data that verifies the risk elimination and mitigation measures.

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