14 CFR § 450.215 - Post-flight reporting.

§ 450.215 Post-flight reporting.

(a) A licensee must submit to the FAA the information in paragraph (b) of this section no later than 90 days after a launch or reentry, unless the Administrator agrees to a different time frame in accordance with § 404.15 of this chapter.

(b) A licensee must send the following information as an email attachment to ASTOperations@faa.gov, or other method as agreed to by the Administrator in the license:

(1) Any anomaly that occurred during countdown or flight that is material to public health and safety and the safety of property;

(2) Any corrective action implemented or to be implemented after the flight due to an anomaly or mishap;

(3) The number of humans on board the vehicle;

(4) The actual trajectory flown by the vehicle, if requested by the FAA; and

(5) For an unguided suborbital launch vehicle, the actual impact location of all impacting stages and impacting components, if requested by the FAA.

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