14 CFR Appendix A to Part 1221 - Congressional Space Medal of Honor

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Appendix A to Part 1221 - Congressional Space Medal of Honor

A circular green enamel wreath of laurel surmounted by a five-pointed gold star (with vertical point downward) and issuing from between each point a gold flame, the star surmounted by a light blue enamel cloud bank with five lobes edged in gold bearing a five-pointed dark blue enamel star fimbriated gold and charged in center with a diamond; standing upon the wreath at top center a gold eagle with wings displayed.


The laurel wreath, a symbol of great achievement, with the overlapping star points, simulates space vehicles moving to greater accomplishments through space. The flames signify the dynamic energy of the rocket era and the imagination of the men in the space program of the United States. The stylized glory cloud alludes to the glory in the coat of arms of the United States and to the high esteem of the award. The dark blue voided star symbolizes the vast mysteries of outer space while the brilliancy of the feat is represented by a diamond. The eagle with wings raised in the spirit of peace represents man's first landing on another planet.


The reverse bears in center the inscription “CONGRESSIONAL” arranged in a semicircle above the inscription “SPACE MEDAL PRESENTED TO”; in base is space for the name of the recipient and the date all within an outer circle of fifty stars.

Suspension Ribbon

A ribbon 1 3/8 inches in width consisting of the following vertical stripes: gold 1/16 inch, dark blue 1/4 inch, light blue 9/32 inch, white 1/16 inch, red 1/16 inch, white 1/16 inch, light blue 9/32 inch, dark blue 1/4 inch, gold 1/16 inch.

cable nos. of colors

Gold 65021 (old gold).
Dark Blue 70076 (independence blue).
Blue 65014 (light blue).
Red 65006 (scarlet).
White 65005.

The scarlet center line on the white band symbolizes the courage of the astronauts in the nation's manned space program and the fire power of rockets that carry the crew through the earth's atmosphere (light blue); the light blue is the same color as the chief of the shield of the coat of arms of the United States which appears on the President's flag. The dark blue symbolizes the hostile environment of space, the gold edge representing success and accomplishment. Red, white and blue are also the national colors of the United States.


A one-half size replica of the medal and suspension ribbon approximately 2 5/16 inches in overall length.

Lapel Emblem

A miniature of the obverse of the medal, 9/16 inch in diameter, all gold with a diamond in center.


One-half inch in diameter in the colors of the ribbon.