14 CFR Subpart E - Subpart E—Accessibility of Aircraft and Service Animals on Aircraft

  1. § 382.61 What are the requirements for movable aisle armrests?
  2. § 382.63 What are the requirements for accessible lavatories?
  3. § 382.64 xxx
  4. § 382.65 What are the requirements concerning on-board wheelchairs?
  5. § 382.67 What is the requirement for priority space in the cabin to store passengers' wheelchairs?
  6. § 382.69 What requirements must carriers meet concerning the accessibility of videos, DVDs, and other audio-visual presentations shown on-aircraft to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing?
  7. § 382.71 What other aircraft accessibility requirements apply to carriers?
  8. § 382.72 Must carriers allow a service animal to accompany a passenger with a disability?
  9. § 382.73 How do carriers determine if an animal is a service animal that must be accepted for transport? May a carrier require that a service animal be under the control of the service animal user or handler?
  10. § 382.74 How many service animals must a carrier transport in the cabin of aircraft?
  11. § 382.75 May a carrier require documentation from passengers with disabilities seeking to travel with a service animal?
  12. § 382.76 May a carrier require a service animal user to check-in physically at the airport?
  13. § 382.77 May carriers restrict the location and placement of service animals on aircraft?
  14. § 382.78 May carriers charge individuals with disabilities for the damage their service animal causes?
  15. § 382.79 Under what other circumstances may carriers refuse to provide transportation to a service animal traveling with a passenger with a disability?
  16. § 382.80 May carriers impose additional restrictions on the transport of service animals?